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25/10/2017 3:59 pm  

We invite you to comment on system and solutions we are building.  If you have ideas we place them in what we call a "parking lot".  If we are going to pull an idea from the parking lot, we will contact you and set up a private meeting.  Each week our team leaders host a meeting to discuss current project plans, deployment strategies and sustainability.   

Funding -  Our team work in the crypto currency world.  Each group has their own token that can be procured via the Waves platform.  The value of the token is determined by profit on the product, software, applications or services.  We also will be providing tokens to supporters and team members as proof of work on projects.  Our core business team provides a percentage of the profits from the run and maintain services and projects to the token values as well. 

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11/11/2019 9:37 pm  

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