White Hat Mine

White Hat Mine diversifies the crypto world to maintain a balance in a volatile industry. We own crypto mining equipment and provide dividends to support our tokens procurement. We have programs/projects that are funded by tokens and in turn the profits increase the value of the tokens.
White Hat Mines was formed by a group of ethical hackers that uses the same transaction verification tools as breach tools. We do this to provide customers with an insight to vulnerabilities in their operations. We have other divisions in our group under the company Black Fence Solutions, LLC.
Our team operates only on a decentralized exchange with deregulated currency to allow us to act in the best interest of our clients and token holders.

Crypto What?

The White Hat Mine Tokens are based off the evaluation of Ethereum as a percentage. When Ethereum rises we transfer into operation capital. The profits generated from the mining operation are deposited to maintain the value of the White Hat Mine Token. Our team holds the Ethereum in a decentralized exchange that is on our servers and backed up three layers. All of the online exchanges could fall away or be hacked but the White Hat Token directly ties to the block chain code and is protected.

Why do we need tokens?

For our mining operations we would like to expand our location. We have opportunities to work with clean energy system to support the growth of the industry. We would be the anchor customer in datacenter environments that advocate renewable resources. We are also looking for volume procurement for both equipment and services. Leveraging this provide more value to the tokens that we can not realize at the same depth with-out support.

Our mining operations include a 24/7 network operation support package. We monitor of outage and performance issues to maintain high level of hash rates. We also provide security solutions for the system in a private cloud network. All of our equipment is insured and under warrantee with ready replacements to minimize outages.

What does the Token do?

White Hat Team has a supply of five major block chain coins. We host Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash and Waves. We use the value of the coins to secure the value of our Tokens. We increase the value of the tokens in three ways as listed:

Mining – We mine each set of coins as a proof of work. We have other altcoins we mine as well but transition them to on of the five major coins in a Waves node.

Leasing – Token are increased by leasing contracts. The coins never leave our node and create interest on the coins backing the tokens.

Services – we support other mining organization and non traditional proof of work coin generation. These include carbon credits, energy usage coins and the creation of token systems.  

Software program -  Our team have software projects in the works.  The revenue from the software procurement augments the token value.  

We use the tokens to procure mining hardware, as leasing credits for ICOs and working tokens for services and support on our projects and programs.