Services list

ITS (Infrastructure Transport Systems)

Black Fence provides installation services for your network requirements.  Our team designs system for IP converged technology with a staff of RCDDs.  What this mean is as you grow more and more end devices are coming onto your network system.  You also have "stand up" offices that require "ad-hawk" services.  We provide to support for the installation to catch the "gotcha" conversation that causes scope migration.  

This includes copper category cabling, fiber optics, Audio/video cabling RFID Systems Point of sales Wireless infrastructure ( Yes you need a cable to the wireless point.)

Traditional ethernet systems to Gigabit passive optical networks, Black Fence Solution know what your system will need.  

Black Fence provide a vast resource network to provide cabling infrastructure.  Our partners have negotiated rates throughout North America and strategic partnership throughout the world.   We also provide the services to support your local infrastructure contractor...if you like your contractor...keep your contractor.   We act in your best interest for contract negotiation, system design and architecture, and deliverables.  We help you to not get oversold on a system you will not use or undersold on a system you will be replacing and repairing non-stop.  

  1. Find out what you have  - Survey your system
  2. Find out where you need to go - System planning
  3. Migrate the system over time - Use your operation expenditure to eliminate massive capital expenditures.
  4. Risk assessment - If you fail to plan to fail.  

Once we get a plan in place we knock out the road blocks to support you.  Black Fence Solutions provides a contract to provide the support and services.   This is an a la cart selection because every customer has different needs at different times.  Think of it more as a reservation contract to pull services and support when you need them at a set pricing structure.  We base this on volume so you can scale it to what you need to simplify the engagement process.