Service & Support

Black Fence Solutions provides services for all different market sets and industries.  We provide specialty projects, designs and engineering feats that our teams have won awards for.  We focus on the meaningful use service engagement platform so you pay for what you need and not for a package of services.  Making changes to a system and trying out new technology have many risk factors.  Our team jumps in and gives your team the needed boost when you needed it!

Bring our team in to take away the risk, procure and support the tools you need and solve the issues before they can become problems.
Get better results today!

Managed Service Contracts

Keep your business continuity streamlined with a team that is dedicated to you. Know the expectation and terms to support the business continuity. We provide contract focused on your level of success.


Augmented Services

We bring the most cost effective resources to you. The benefit of our resources is that they have the full access to our escalation of expertise. Our resources provide a fast path for completion with multi-level options for a path to success. We strive to have our resources operate at 100% utilization.

Procurement Services

We buy the equipment by capital expenditure or operation expenditure based on leasing agreements. We help set the payment terms that meet your requirements for business flow. Our group evaluates what your needs are and show you what you what extra you would be paying for. The true elation of cost savings is long gone when the first problems start.


Early life support (Day-2 Support)

The day after the big cut over to new technology is one of the hardest to manage. The day after the last payment has to be the first day of your return on the investment. Our team manage the solution and support your through that time. We measure the cost saving and drive the effectiveness of the new technology.

End of life support (Sunset support)

Every business has technology that is slowly being phased out. We have teams that can maintain the equipment and services past the traditional life of use. By extending these services of support we provide time for a transition plan. We limited the need for a full upgrade with high capital expenditure.

Effective Utilization Of Resources?

How effective is your current IT staff? What tools do they have available? We provide you with the support as needed. We take your IT team to the next level Free up your staff from the day to day tasks to focus on support high level.

Emergency Service Deployment?

We active services based on contract engagement.   Drop in a highly trained resource to solve the problems quickly.  Our resources are scalable to offset the pressure to your existing team or completely solve a problem.  Contact us now to find out how to make our resources yours.  

What is in your network?

Find your path to the future by getting an assement on where you have been.  We want your IT team to make a mess because they are getting it done.  We make the assesment to label, test and decommision parts of your network not in use.  

Start your solution today.

Extreme efficiency built into our deployment and design strategy. 

Centralized management with local execution.  

Our services are standardized and consistent.  

We have optimized resource utilization.

Cost-effective deployment strategy.