Mouse Trap



MOUSE TRAP software is a data capture software program. It is like a virus embedded in documents, pictures and coded files. It is in false information that has been obtained illegally by breaching a protected network.

We are in the process creating the software that provides the least path of resistance for attackers. We provide file directories indicative of tradition business and high value target for cyber attacks. When we find a breach point in a customers network we place traps there. These traps lead to black holes in the network to an embedded code called rotten cheese.

The trap finds information on the host computer and sends it to an encrypted machine. The information that it extracts is GPS location, IP broadcast, software license key files and history. We create a digital finger print for the person or party that is making the attempt. We also compile a list of ISPs and IPs that will be blocked from targeting the customer.


Mouse Trap
Status: Planning
Updated: October 30th 2017

Tagged: White Hat Team

Providing this gets past the intruders firewall and through multiple ping locations to the head end resource. The tracking is only turned on when a person activates the file. Under scan the file looks harmless as the same identifier as a normal file. Spyware and anti-virus software will not detect it’s presentence until it is too late.

Intruders think they hit the jackpot with social security files, credit card statements, personnel files and secured documents. We even provide encrypted files as puzzles to keep their hacking power busy. Once we have their information, location and can pin point them we provide a surprise that lives in their PC, server or network.


Where does the information go?

Who buys the information?

What can you do?


We would like to build this for every day PC users to have. When you get a call from the person that claims to want to fix your PC. They request remote access to show you everything wrong with it. We turn on “Mouse trap” and let them come on in.

Blindly attacking a system that you think is attacking you is illegal. This could be an employee trying to pull information or someone just playing a game. Many of the attacks come via a third party PC. We a careful not to cause more casualties then necessary.

Meanwhile, back at the White Hat ranch……..lets say we provide life lessons.