Iron Mask

Project Description

Iron mask is a program that works with browsers information transfer. The interface activates software programs that provide fractionalization of files during transport with multiple VPN tunnel transport. Viewing remote data from the internet will track to multiple IP addresses in a multi-rotational scheme based on the selected level.

True invisible browsing from any internet connection.

No identification of traffic.

All in one, set your level of protection.

We employ three level of protection.

  1. Blocking hard and soft IP queries.
  2. VPN with IP hopping.
  3. Active and passive detection mitigation

You system, weather it is personal professional or business is pinged and the traffic is being monitored by what are called spiders and crawlers. As I am writing this I have been tagged at least 1000+ times. When you send data out side your network, the system opens a door for it to come out. A fire wall in the simplest terms has rules and keys to open and close these doors. How a hacker gets information is by making you of one of your team open a door. Another way is called brute force attack. This it where the hacker tries every door, window, roof access, under the eves, tunnel under your house, or waiting in the bushes. The best place for an attack it where you think you are protected.


Ad agencies ?

Educational intuition?

Foreign governments?


Project Progress

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  • Start
    Nov 01 2018
  • End
    Dec 20 2019

11/01/2018 12/20/2019


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