Management and Consulting

Black Fence Solution was developed as a technology consortium.  We work with technology companies to augment their capabilities and mitigating risk factors.  Our main focus is on meaningful use technology, streamlining processes and resource acquisions.  We provide the expert level support with an escalation path to a senior team of advisers.  These teams of engineers, developers and acquisitions specialist provide support only when you need it and maintain a transparency to your customer.  Black Fence Solution is a goal oriented team to meet expectations and ensure success.

Our thinking 

The Measure of Success

We look at the goals and vision you have for a solution to provide an outline of how to achieve that that path.  

What information do you need? 

You need to show the technical flow, schematic drawings and network diagrams.  The team has to be able to explain the solution to an elementary student 

Who are the stakeholders?

The people that need to make this happen need to be clearly informed, trained or updated.  They need to know why they have an attachment and how they impact success.  

Where is your critical path?

Knowing when to on-board and off load resources to maximize your success is the key.   What needs to be done in the building block to make success happen.  

Just add Expert

The value of solving the problem 

Best in Class

We rigorously check solutions from manufacturing, distribution models and functionally.

On Demand

Building on scalable options is what we are all about.  We provide the options to a successful path. 

Cost Containment

Every dollar spent needs to be attached to meaningful ROI. Know how to save money with information


Specialties Services

Find the resource you need for your data center services and support.  If you are looking to green field build, retro fit or manage your data, we have a solution.  

Looking to move your tools or resources into a data center, we migrate over your infrastructure to a new location.   

Master Service Contracts (MSA)

Requests for Proposals (RFP)

Gigabit Passive Optical Networks (GPON)

Data Storage 

Security solutions 

Remote management tools 

Geo spacial devices integration 

Bio feedback and environmental

Voice, Video and Data processing 


Specialties Services

Risk Assessments 

Milestones and Critical Path 

Stake Holder and Escalation Path

Custom solution integration

On-boarding management

Detailed architecture mapping


Remote management  

Smart Hands deployment 

Resource Augmentation 

Repeatable deployment  

Technology crossing borders 

Underdeveloped markets upgrade 


If you like your Team
keep your Team

You have a good team and sub-contractor that is on-site and local.   You have been working with them for years.  They do a great job but you wish they could provide support better.    

Most people don’t keep battleships in bathtubs…but we do.   We take on the “one offs” with your whole team.  Stop burning resources, hours of time and replacement of equipment,  material and tools.  We try to solve the problems in minutes that most work on for months.  Need to stand up a new resource or system, don’t tax your existing IT team  or sub-contractor for the heavy lifting, they have a day job.   The only thing we want to replace is risk.