Global Reach

Black Fence Solution focus on having resources all over the globe.  We have strategic partnership with local resource and provide high-level support for the ebbs and flow of their business models.  Our team engages the group with augmented resources that are not available in their region to service the customer.   We provide options for deployment solutions in remote area and assess the risk levels of a support model.  

Where do you need a resource today?  






In certain geographical areas, our resources can only complete specified IT requirements.  This means our resources are currently staffed on a military bases, embassy or are active military in another country.  To maintain ITAR compliance and current military system designs we are not allowed to transport certain software, hardware, and collating technology into the areas.  Allocated resources can not bring back electronic devices with the capabilities to store information.  The devices, software and/or equipment are completely customer owned, maintained and recovered.