GIS Mapping Services (Lidar)

With a team of trained GIS professionals, we focus on the individual needs of our clients to develop analytic tools to provide custom programs to assist in asset documentation, sales, feasibility studies, estimating and operational support for their businesses.

Our custom mobile and web applications continue to provide our clients with analytic tools that harness the power of geography and make a difference in their day to day operations.


When it comes to BIM everything starts with a 3D digital model of the building. This model, however, is way more than pure geometry and some nice textures cast over it for visualization. A true BIM model consists of the virtual equivalents of the actual building parts and pieces used to build a building. These elements have all the characteristics - both physical and logical - of their real counterparts.


Everyone has heard the buzzwords “big data, data mining, crowd-sourcing, and the cloud.” We put these buzz words to use and leverage their power on a daily basis. Utilizing our truck mounted mobile light detection and ranging (LiDAR) system we provide our clients massive, intelligent, and tangible datasets. By integrating a HD 360 degree hemispherical camera with our mounted laser system, BPG provides unique deliverables for our clients. No collection project is out of our league. Through our automated and manual processes we collect the information you need from our data. Let us mine the data for you and provide it in a simple and easily accessible format. Whether hosted through the web or delivered on a NAS, we get you what you need.