Red Line Team – Physical security / Access Control / Robotics

Red line Team

The Red line team designs, implement and deploys security solutions.  Each customer has different requirements and different capabilities.  Our team makes sure the systems are up and running when you need them with the support services.   Converting video and analytic traffic on a network are occurring at two levels: technology and management.  Adapting a security system into your environment takes a strong team to understand both levels.  Our team design, implement and most important can manage the solutions. 

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance system have expanded into video analytics systems.  Black Fence Solutions looks at your whole solutions from the edge devices capabilities to process information rapidly to the processing power of your head end.  We design cloud based solutions to fit your needs for alerting, recording, storage and interconnection in database servers to provide post production of real time analytics.  

Access Control

Identify visitors before they enter your property. Access Control is the crucial starting point for any security system, no matter how simple or complex. In its most basic form, a keypad will control access to a single door. At the more comprehensive level, a networked system allows you to verify identity and to manage, control and monitor people, door entries and exits, security cameras, lighting, heating, ventilation, and perimeter defense. Our professional system designers can design and implement the appropriate level of security system for your business needs.

RFID Solutions

Gain visibility and business insight to the assets and equipment you own, where they are and all related costs. Save time and know where to find business assets. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) equipment connects to your network and updates information in real-time.  Detailed information on fixed RFID readers and the high-throughput antennas used for tracking assets in Real-Time. With Real-Time tracking information you will always know where your critical business assets are.  

Use mobile RFID readers to equip your Asset Tracking staff with the tools to update the location of assets, find missing items or to perform updates or changes on-the-spot. A variety of RFID devices and advanced software is available for mobile RFID Asset Tracking.

We provide a layered technical support approach so any problem can quickly be narrowed down to networking, hardware, software, RFID tags or configuration. From there we escalate to Help Desk or to Manufacturer National Support.  

Connects RFID Readers to the our Database. This RFID middleware software is industrial grade, always on, and connects to your readers and updates your SQL Server Database with real-time RFID tag data. It is a separate application and is normally installed onto a private server or computer that is always on.

Rules and regulation

Black Fence Solutions can quickly bring expertise that is not required  for a company’s normal workflow to the table when needed. Black Fence Solutions engineering  services afford a quicker time to market and lower overall costs. As a services provider, Black  Fence Solutions rapidly brings to bear engineering expertise that a client may not have in-house.  We deliver senior talent very quickly, sparing our clients the costs, loss of management focus,  and hiring risk associated with recruiting.