Black Ops Team – Government / Law enforcement / State municipalities

Black Ops Team

Our Black Ops team delivers complete communications solutions to federal, state and local government agencies. We offer our government contract customers the ability to manage large enterprise projects with the ability to be responsive to their special needs. Black Ops Team enables you to focus on their missions instead of the technologies that support them. Whether the mission is to serve the citizenry, protect our borders or defend our country from threats, both foreign and domestic, we serve those who serve.


Our Black Ops team has a deep understanding of federal, state and local government operations.  Communications and infrastructure solutions that are reliable, available and secure.  Black Fence Solution specializes with the Black Ops Team.  Our team has current and former military engineers, program managers and contracts teams.  We work in with groups as a contract fulfillment agency for specialized design and engineering programs. 


Understanding that the technology has unlimited bounds Government programs support for services and support.