Design & Solutions

Black Fence Solutions works in technology products, services, support and consulting. Every customer is different and has different in-house skill sets.    In the technology field, we engage customers, partners, and manufacturers to get the right solution to solve the problem.  


From small businesses to fortune 100 companies most groups are not focused on what technology can do for them.   Even technology companies have a problem with growth structures and provisioning for the future.  What will have meaningful use and what will cause more problems than solutions?  Every customer has different needs, requirements, and problems. 

The value to our customers in having Black Fence Solutions solve your problems is that you get experts within one company that can support both your new and legacy technology requirements. Not simply acting as a prime, but truly partnering with the resident experts your technology demands.


Why Us?

Black Fence Solution was developed to provide cutting edge technology solutions for commercial and government entities.   At the core, Black Fence Solutions is a consulting and engineering firm.  We research and evaluate how you are securing business today and show you how to increase your value.   We have specific experts in the field you need to solve a specific problem.  We provide the most functional approach to a system to meet any concern.  

Our team engages in “meaningful use” projects.  We identify this in a process that is very simplistic. 


Know the objectives:

Black Fence solutions work with the basic principle that we define the primary goals first.  We identify this goal with a simple question. 


  1. What do you need to have?


 Black Fence Solutions addresses the core of the problem.  The solution

  1. What do you want to have?


In many cases, the understanding of the customer may be switched from the first question to the second.  Black Fence Solutions manages to a goal based on cost factors, service requirements, and sustainability.


Our last question opens the technology door for the future.  While we focus on providing the best value in solving a problem each customer has a vision of what they would like to do ultimately.   


  1. What would be nice to have? 


Black Fence solution monitors start-up technology companies, emerging technologies and conceptual technologies.  Our customers get visibility to what some of the larger companies are doing and want to bring it into their business model.  Understanding a customer business model, on-site resources and capabilities we assess the success rate of a deployment.  We look at long-term costs verse benefits and cultivation as business tools. Black Fence Solutions has built the dream team of designers,

Black Ops Team

Red Line Team

Eco Green Team

White Hat Team

Code Blue Team

Digital Gold Team