White Hat Mine

White Hat Mine diversifies the crypto world to maintain a balance in a volatile industry. We own crypto mining equipment and provide dividends to support our tokens procurement. We have programs/projects that are funded by tokens and in turn the profits increase the value of the tokens.
White Hat Mines was formed by a group of ethical hackers that uses the same transaction verification tools as breach tools. We do this to provide customers with an insight to vulnerabilities in their operations. We have other divisions in our group under the company Black Fence Solutions, LLC.
Our team operates only on a decentralized exchange with deregulated currency to allow us to act in the best interest of our clients and token holders.

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Welcome to Black Fence Solutions

Black Fence Solutions was created as a collaboration group to provide solutions and services on demand. Our teams balanced mind share weighted against value and sustainability to bring solutions to the market. What you need exists at a price that makes sense. We provide the dream team of engineers, product manufactures and service providers in one platform to solve a need. Designing outcomes is our slogan because a process is just a way to get to a goal. Focusing on the goal allows us the innovative platform for the journey.

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